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Our first surprise release!

The tight-knit friendship between Stephen Pierce of Western Massachusetts shoegazers, KINDLING and Chad Peck of Nova Scotia’s Kestrels has spanned years and miles. It is only right that the two would share a seamless split EP.
Each band contributed an original track, as well as a cover. Kindling were giddy at the opportunity to play out “Can’t Hardly Wait” by The Replacements and Kestrels sprawled out an upbeat version of My Bloody Valentine’s “Thorn”. Kestrels’ original track, “Octavio” stands as an outtake to their 2016 self-titled LP, but its pronounced urgency rises as a stand out anthem.

Available now on all of your favorite streaming platforms. Check the premiere at Allston Pudding.

Grab the purple vinyl from our shop, or buy the blue vinyl from KINDLING's bandcamp.

May 03/17